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Red fleshy tomato

We specialize in the Torrero variety. The harvest begins in March and lasts through November. In high season, we collect about 150 pallets, twice a week. We sort our tomatoes mainly into BB and BBB calibers. The tomatoes are provided in bulk, 6 kg in each container and the so-called trays with or without a sticker. This kind of tomato is appreciated even in the farthest corners of Europe and has the unique taste of tomatoes in the good old days.

Raspberry tomato

The available varieties are Tommimaro, Maluno and Hakumaru. The harvest lasts from March through November. In high season, we collect around 120 pallets, twice a week. Tomatoes are mainly packed in trays with a sticker or are sold in bulk in 6 kg containers. Nothing tastes as good as Polish raspberry tomato.

Plum tomato

We can also offer a small amount of Romannel plum tomatoes. We are able to deliver about 3-4 pallets weekly, in small packages or cardboard boxes. This tomato is perfect for a variety of salads and is valued for its durability.

Yellow fleshy tomato

This variety is Be Orange. It is packed in 6 kg cardboard boxes, in one layer on the so-called extrusion. The tomato is characterized by a unique colour and taste.

We also offer black tomatoes, strawberry tomatoes, yellow plum tomatoes and raspberry plum tomatoes.