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Many years of experience
in growing vegetables

The company Pomi-Tom Group was founded in 2012 by five partners. Currently, the group consists of 5 horticultural farms ranging in size from 1h to 4h, located in the Blizanów commune, outside the oldest city in Poland, Kalisz.

All growers belonging to the group can boast many years of experience in growing vegetables, mainly tomatoes and cucumbers. Our experience of production of vegetables goes back to 1989. Initially, all the partners ran separate businesses, each gathering experience in the production and sale of the agricultural produce on the markets in Kalisz, Bronisze, Wrocław and Poznań. In 2010, we began to make the first steps towards cooperation, and, as a result, in 2012 we established one company.

We have modern production facilities. Our greenhouses are equipped with a climatic computer, cultivation gutters and other technical innovations, which allow us to guarantee the best conditions for growth, which, combined with our expertise, is a guarantee of a unique taste and high durability of the fruit.

We want to make certain that our products are as ecological as possible, therefore we minimize the use of chemicals, achieving the same effect with useful insects, such as Macrolophus Pygmaeus, Encarsia Formos and Phytoseiulus Persimilis. Instead of using chemicals to pollinate the flowers, we leave this job to bumblebees.

Modern warehouse facilities

We have a climate-controlled cold storage facilities, a top-class sorting machine for tomatoes and cucumbers, and a gluer for cartons. Such solutions allow us to pack the products according to the demands of our customers.

We have our own transport consisting of vehicles equipped with cooling units with a temperature printout. Our deliveries are always timely and without fail.